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* Genre alters the card types and supertypes.

* Mana symbols:

 * Valid mana characters are 0123456789bcegqrstuwxyz.
 * Hybrid and Phyrexian mana are in the form 2/c, c/2, c/d, d/c, p/c, c/p. (For example, 2/ww/pr/w)
 * To print mana symbols in the rules text (not mana cost), enclose the mana code in {}. (e.g. 2GG2/w is {2}{g}{g}{2/w})

* Rules text formatting:

 * Use ~ or ~this~ in the rules text to substitute in the card's name. (e.g. When ~ attacks...)
 * Use () to italicise sentences along with the (). (i.e. reminder text.)
 * Use [] brackets to italicise words without the []. (i.e. ability words, vainwords.)
 * Use * for bullet. (i.e. for list of choices.)
 * Use -- for —.

* Flip and split cards: use ;; to separate each half in corresponding fields. (e.g. Fire;;Ice) For examples, see Fire;;Ice and Budoka Gardener;;Dokai, Weaver of Life

* For set icon, all pixels with color value of #FF00FF (255, 0, 255) Magenta will be replaced with rarity color.

* Creator is your name or handle, to differentiate from other creators. Cards that have the same card name and creator will also share the same URL for the image. In other words, the URL could be overwritten by someone else who uses the same card name and creator. So try to make your name unique.

* You can view a list of all your cards via this URL and add your creator name at the end of the address.

* Retrieve a previously created card that matches both card name and creator.

* It would behoove you to save the image on your hard drive and upload to your personal photo or image storage. Right-click on the image to bring up a menu. You can then save it to your hard drive and/or copy the image address.

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