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Games General / [CCG] MBS RPG CCG
« on: 2019-Feb-17 21:14 »

Control a party of mankin, monsters, mechs, and more in 2x2 formation. Strategically attack and defend enemies by rows or columns. Disable your enemies, destroy them, and rack up points for each kill. But don’t forget to protect your own fighters, lest you be eliminated. Harness energies of the mind, body, and soul, and prudently manage your energy to deploy units, equipment, and actions.

Like Pokemon TCG meets RPG active-time combat.

Magic: the Gathering / [STD] IXA - DOM - GRN
« on: 2019-Jan-15 04:33 »

Introducing Vogon HD card frames: high resolution frames: more room for everything

As the creator of one of the earliest online card creator website (, over the last decade I observe many shortcomings of the modern Magic frames (actually I always detested them since inception), and other frames in general. Based on the actual usage in official and home-made cards, they desire more room to fit long card names, long card types, long rules and flavor texts, long mana costs, and even long stats (in place of power/toughness).

I generally observe these issues:

1) Rules box is too small to fit the verbose text that people tend to input. Furthermore, wide text box wastes a lot of horizontal space; many lines do not take up the entire width, or even half the width. Also consider that each additional ability requires additional rows, not necessarily a wider box.

2) Card names overlap with mana cost. These two properties are in inverse proportion and invites conflict.

3) Card types can become too lengthy when all kinds of supertypes and subtypes are tacked on. Also the set icon obstructs the right end of the card type.

4) P/T box is tiny and confining. Even for Magic's simplified stats, it looks claustrophobic. Moreover, custom card creator apps are not only used for custom Magic cards, but also for other games and nongame content. These tend to put larger numbers and stats; such as stats starting in the 100s or 1000s. ex 9000/9000 will not fit in the wee P/T box.

5) Each Planeswalker's additional ability demands exorbitant vertical dimension.

6) Hard to discern and sort cards by color. Borders too thin, text background pastel too light and similar. When zooming out such that card images are small, it's very hard to tell one color from another with the modern Magic frames. One of the reasons I hate looking at them (especially on MTGO, hurts my eyes).

Thus I sought out to create my own custom card frames that will match the needs of custom card creators. These are my solutions:

1) Rules box will have bigger area than most card frames, and be taller than it is wide. This allows more lines, thus more abilities and paragraphs. This minimizes the need to reduce the font size in order to fit all the text inside the box, for better legibility. Tall over wide is also more aesthetically pleasing to read.

2) Mana cost is moved to the left margin and arranged vertically downward. This move allows the card name to fill the entire top row; also names are centered. Mana cost can now be much longer without worrying about obstructing the name at all.

3) Card type is spanned along the entire right margin from top to bottom, so you will not likely run out of space for complicated card types. This text is turned 90°. The set icon is stowed out of the way in the bottom right corner.

4) P/T or related stats own the left margin's bottom half. Plenty of room for stats for Magic and non-Magic games. This text is turned 90°.

5) Planeswalkers will welcome the taller rules box. Easily accomodates 3, 4, 5, or more abilities neatly without sacrificing readability, nor feel cramped.

6) Easy to tell colors apart. Colored borders are thick, thus easy to discern and sort cards by color when far away (in real life) or zoomed out and small (on screen).

Disadvantages of Vogon HD frames:

1) Slightly smaller arts.

2) Angled texts.

3) Takes time to accustom.

Here, view the sample cards created with the new card frames, dubbed Vogon HD:

It is a work in progress. I'm not an artist, so these look pretty bland. If any artist wants to help improve the aesthetics, feel free to download the GIMP or PSD file that you can work on:

Test the new frame at . Select Frame => Vogon HD, fill in other stuff, and press submit button.

Magic Set Editor (MSE) template for Vogon HD:

Tech Support /
« on: 2018-Jul-29 06:50 »

Above link is subdomain to host a wiki to act as a portal to consolidation of information and articles found elsewhere on this domain.

Using Tiki Wiki for these tightly integrated features:

  • wiki
  • blog and articles
  • forum posting and comments
  • polls & surveys

Magic: the Gathering / GDS 3
« on: 2018-Jun-05 05:28 »

Seems quite a few lists of metaphysical, astrological, psychological, and mythical entities end up with plen* items. Including Olympian gods, zodiac, archetypes. So below table is my attempt to match them up as best as possible.

Liyahu + CardinalJungian ArchetypesOlympian GodsWestern ZodiacChinese ZodiacMajor Arcana
 Mind + Intro  Innocent  Artemis  Sheep  Capricorn  0 Fool
 Mind + Freedom  Rebel  Hermes  Snake  Aquarius  9 Hermit
 Mind + Extro  Magician  Apollo  Chicken  Pisces  2 High Priestess
 Mind + Order  Sage  Athena  Rat  Virgo  11 Justice
 Body + Intro  Warrior  Ares  Tiger  Aries  8 Strength
 Body + Freedom  Explorer  Poseidon  Horse  Sagittarius  7 Chariot
 Body + Extro  Caregiver  Demeter  Rabbit  Libra  3 Empress
 Body + Order  Creator  Hephaestus  Ox  Taurus  1 Magician
 Soul + Intro  Companion  Hera  Dog  Cancer  5 Hierophant
 Soul + Freedom  Jester  Dionysus  Monkey  Gemini  10 Wheel of Fortune
 Soul + Extro  Lover  Aphrodite  Boar  Scorpio  6 Lover
 Soul + Order  Ruler  Zeus  Dragon  Leo  4 Emperor

*(Plen is word I made up to replace twelve in a base twelve numbering system. Because twelve is derived from base ten system, thus a base twelve system would demand a new word for its base. Plen derives from plenty, full, complete.)

Games General / [LOTGD] Legend of the Green Dragon
« on: 2017-Dec-02 08:04 »
Play my run of Legend of the Green Dragon at

version 1.1.3 from github, with many of my fixes in order to work on current PHP versions. Changed some names and parameters:
  • Violet => Seungyeon
  • Seth => Xay
  • Degolburg => HanSeung
  • new day => 4 hours real time
  • daily forest fights => 1000
  • daily travels => 30

I installed a bunch of older basic mods, but not all of them work. So expect some issues.

Learning to make my own mods, which can be found at my LOTGD page. Using classes for cleaner code. Including:
  • The Pubic Library - a dirty bookstore, focusing on erotica and dirty humor
  • YellowFour template (much cleaner HTML & CSS viable for any screen size. Uses grid, falls back to flex.)
  • New Races: Fairy (lower damage*, higher defense)
  • New Specialties: Idol (use the powers of your charms)

Programming / Versatile Separated Values (VSV)
« on: 2017-Nov-12 09:05 »
Versatile Separated Values (VSV)

Proposal: A versatile, efficient, unambiguous, standardized, simple text format for creating tables and lists that's easily read and created by both humans and machines, that supports many variations for any personal style, preferences, and protocols. Can accept any nonspace character (including comma, colon, tab, asterisk, etc.) as delimiter automatically without user input (no annoying popups or options to fill in).

The same simple algorithm will accept almost any delimiter you want. You want commas like CSV? No problem. Or fields separated by tab (TSV)? Sure. How about *NIX files that use colons? We'll take it. Want to mix them up in the same table or file? Go ahead.

Exporting to VSV (creating files)

A VSV file consists of two types of rows: header and data.

Rows are separated by newline. 

Creating Header Rows

Header rows are optional.

A header row consists of one or more header field. Each header field is enclosed by any of these double matching bracket types:
Code: [Select]

A header row is identified when, ignoring the opening spaces of a row, the first two characters of a row are any consecutive double opening brackets, as listed above.

Distinct header fields may use the same or different brackets types. Different bracket types may be employed on the same header row and across rows.

When exporting to a VSV file, characters that are found within a header field must not be used as enclosing brackets for that field. Choose a bracket not found in that inside text to surround that field.

Any text in a header row that is not within the legal boundaries of a header field is ignored. That includes improper closing of brackets, and text outside the brackets. This side effect may be surreptitiously used as comments for your text file, but should be used with care, in order to be properly rendered by plugins. (That is, a plugin cannot safely interpret if your intent is a comment or an error, a typo.)

Creating Data Rows

Data rows (non headers) must be led by an explicit nonspace character, called delimiter. All leading spaces are ignored until a nonspace character is found, which becomes the delimiter for that row.

Values for a data row are placed between two delimiters. The first occurrence of a delimiter on that row is not counted as part of the values. To prevent delimiter-value collision, the delimiter should be a character that is not found in the values' texts of that row.

A null value has zero length, signified by consecutive delimiters with nothing in between them.

A delimiter at the end of the line after the final value is optional, unless the final value is a null value.

Each row may have its own distinct delimiter. A text file may have distinct rows with their own delimiters. Creators can use the same delimiters or mix them for different rows, as long as the desired values on that row are distinguishable (i.e. to prevent delimiter-value collision.)

When exporting to a VSV file, characters that are found in the values of a given row must not be used as delimiter for that row. Choose a character not found in that row's values as the delimiter for that row.
  • Space and newline cannot be used as delimiter. Any other single character may be used.
  • Letters and numbers may be used as delimiters, but are not recommended.
  • Avoid using header field brackets as data row delimiters. Nevertheless, single bracket at beginning of a row should be read as a legal delimiter.
  • Creators may have their own preferred delimiters. Common delimiters to use:
Code: [Select]

Importing VSV (reading files)

The following rules dictate how plugins and code should read and interpret VSV files.

Rows are separated by newline. Leading spaces on each row are discarded and ignored.

After discarding all leading spaces, if the first two characters of a row are identical opening brackets, this is a header row. Else it is a data row.

Reading Header Rows

Header fields must be enclosed by both an opening and a closing matching double brackets. Any other text on a header row is discarded and ignored.

Reading Data Rows

The first nonspace character of a data row is its delimiter. The values of this row are stored between two delimiters or the end of line. A value can have zero length, or null value. There is no value between a line-ending delimiter and end of line (it doesn't count as another value, not even null value).

In PHP, use the explode() function to store a row's values into an array split by the delimiter. Likewise, in Javascript, use String.prototype.split(). For other languages, use a regexp to match the values separated by the delimiter.



How to handle values that contain newline?
Can it be used for objects or hierarchy? i.e. in place of JSON, XML, HTML
Can it be used as configuration file? cf. INI, CONF files
Can it be used as subtitle file? cf. SRT, VTT
Can it be used as playlist file? cf. PLS, M3U

Hacks / Better Tables in SMF forums
« on: 2017-Oct-27 11:10 »
Need for simple ways to create tables in SMF forums.

1. Extend table code to allow various types of formats.

2. Common types of formats: csv, wiki, markdown, reStructuredText

Hacks / Futuristic city
« on: 2017-Oct-23 14:46 »
Futuristic city

Aliens invade Earth and enslave humans
Transform cities with future technology
Fast Individual travel for public:
Hi speed overhead rail, you attach to moving platform above you and you slide along the rail; only one person per platform, like zipline. High strong sturdy long Rails connect between distant districts. Arrive to another district in seconds.
Personal propeller to fly anywhere, wear a propeller above you, like personal helicopter. wear on body (not jetpack.) wide Landing Zones around public destinations, like malls. Borrowed for fee.
Fares for these advanced public transit are expensive, poor families cant afford.
Long distant communication. Seamless connection (how?)

Quandary: would you allow to be invaded if they bring future tech that advance, enhance human lifestyle?
Reminds of allowing (communists) invade but they provide tech to your country. Agree to it?

-- Dream 20171023

In need of fast way to generate keyboard layouts.

Given layout definition (ex. in JSON), this script should generate an image file (in PNG). Preferably executable in a browser.

Solution in KLA:
[Might not work for some browsers. Works in Vivaldi (chrome).]
In Configuration page, choose the layout, then at bottom, see Layout Image, click Generate button. An small image for the current layout appears adjacent. (The same image remains even if you change layout. So you must manually regenerate if you want another image for different layout.) The image can be clicked for direct download (probably to your browser's default download folder; filename will match layout's name), or right click on the image to open browser menu to view the image in new tab.

Tech Support / [opera] Opera older versions (Presto)
« on: 2017-Jul-09 03:09 »
Opera 11.x and 12.x still the best browsers ever made, even though it has been discontinued. But nothing can match its configurability, ergonomics, efficiciency, and rendering engine Presto.

Download older versions of Opera, up to 12.x. Highly recommended for any OS, especially older weaker computers and VMs. Even Android--although seems to crash often on newer Android versions--but damn it, no other mobile browser can render webpages as perfect looking as Opera Mobile Classic.

Quick links of Opera 12.x by OS:

Win 64-bit

Win 32-bit

Debian/Ubuntu 64-bit

Debian/Ubuntu 32-bit

Redhat/CentOS 64-bit

Redhat/CentOS 32-bit


Magic: the Gathering / [STD] BFZ - SOI - KLD - AKH
« on: 2017-Apr-15 19:01 »

Tech Support / Migration to HTTPS
« on: 2017-Mar-14 19:37 »
To enhance security, as regards to logins and passwords, this forum may migrate to HTTPS, TLS, or other.

Status: certificate acquired. site also works in http and https. Feel free to opine in this topic.

The original impetus was pushed by Google:
Nonsecure Collection of Passwords will trigger warnings in Chrome 56 for

To: owner of

Beginning in January 2017, Chrome (version 56 and later) will mark pages that collect passwords or credit card details as “Not Secure” unless the pages are served over HTTPS.

The following URLs include input fields for passwords or credit card details that will trigger the new Chrome warning. Review these examples to see where these warnings will appear, and so you can take action to help protect users’ data. The list is not exhaustive.

Here’s how to fix this problem:

Use HTTPS pages to collect sensitive information

To prevent the “Not Secure” notification from appearing when Chrome users visit your site, move collection of password and credit card input fields to pages served using the HTTPS protocol.

This means users visiting non HTTPS sites will see "Not Secure" in the address bar.

However converting to new URI prefix is not just changing the address. It's a complex process of acquiring SSL certificates and heavy modification to forum code and database to make sure all links are directed properly. It may also have issues with image sources not from other HTTPS sites.

Furthermore is the opinion that the HTTPS itself segregates the internet. Which makes HTTPS less backward compatible. And do most of the web need to be encrypted? Such as this tiny site in the remote recesses of the internet.

Moreover is the delay as the security certs are verified. That means every page will have a second or more of delay before the page is rendered to the user's browser. Which I find very annoying because it can't be prevented or diminished no matter how powerful your computer is.

So this a multi-pronged quandary. One, is it worth the hassle for this tiny site that all traffic be encrypted? For that matter, is it feasible to force millions of webmasters to comply to this authoritarian edict? Two, do we all agree that segregating the internet should be future? Could there be better, passive solutions than converting billions of links to HTTPS?

Magic: the Gathering / Color Pie Distribution
« on: 2016-Dec-12 10:31 »
Color Pie Distribution of New and Old Mechanics and Effects

Magic: the Gathering / Civilization: Information Age
« on: 2016-Oct-15 22:38 »
Civilization: Information Age

  • Planeswalkers are renamed Paragons.

Categories of Major parties
  • Political-Military
  • Techno-industrial
  • Media-Cultural
  • Financial-Realty
  • Religious-pyschology
Each category has one or more factions. E.g. Pol-mil can be U.S., Russia, China, etc. Religio-psy can be Christo, Islam, Buddhist, etc. Or our fictional equivalents.

Minor parties
Such as unions, netizens, rebels, terrorists, hackers, indy, etc.

Mechanics do not have direct ties to the parties. This is not a guild system. That is, there isn't like one mechanic for each party. The mechanics will be more universal or divided however they fit best. Kinda old school design.

One-handed keyboard layout

For standard or split keyboards.
Left or right hand.
Shift with thumb or locked for one key.
Layers--one or two.
Numbers or no.

Music, Movie, TV, & Sports / Song lyrics in Flownetic
« on: 2016-May-13 21:56 »
Post songs in original language and in Flownetic.

SF high school faces backlash after eliminating student elections to engineer diversity

An attempt to engineer diversity in student government at a public high school in San Francisco has drawn scrutiny from parents who claim faculty tried to replace an appointed student leader with another student because of his Latino last name.

Part of the reasoning behind the change was to “encourage more diversity in our student leadership,” according to Principal Cheryl Foster.

But the attempt reportedly elicited outrage at a community meeting on April 28 from students who wanted the right to vote and parents like Christina Martinez, who said school officials tried to court her son, James Ortiz, 15, onto the student council because of his surname.

The practice could violate the San Francisco Unified School District’s student handbook, under which students have the right to a “free election of their peers in the student government.”

On the third occasion, Ortiz and the white student who was selected as vice president were both called into the office. Faculty then asked the appointed vice president to step down so that Ortiz could take her seat, which he declined.

At the meeting last week, Foster reportedly admitted that freshmen were not allowed “a free and fair election,” according to Teresa Moeller, who runs communications for the Parent, Teacher, Student Association at Wallenberg.

Games General / [CCG] MOGEC: Open design CCG
« on: 2016-Feb-27 06:44 »
Main site and wiki:

MOGEC stands for Open Generic Expandable Customizable Card game. The rules and mechanics are free of copyright so that anyone can create their own cards and sets, and distribute and sell them for profit, if desired. Such cards and sets are compatible with each other regardless of designer, genre, setting, theme, price, origin, etc.

The two decks are inspired by the popular genres of video games, particularly dungeon crawler and MMO RPGs. They contain several preview cards for the highly anticipated upcoming set, Dangers of Tsinbork.

The band of adventurers have driven back the forces of evil. Now they must penetrate the final fortress where the demon lord resides. Unfortunately, the ultimate dungeon is polluted with deadly traps and hordes of beasts and undead at every corner. Can the party survive the gauntlet and slay the demon lord to restore peace to the land?

Deck mechanics and themes:

Dungeon Crawlers represent the heroic party infiltrating into the colons of evil's residence. A combination of experienced wizards, warriors, and rogues who have made it thus far through dedication, teamwork and skill.

Dungeon Crawlers is a blue and red deck that features these mechanics: Untap costs, Vanguard, Arcane Teachings & spells, Disarm. As well as a strong spell-matters theme.

Dungeon Keepers represent the minion horde who serves the dark lord. These ruthless vermin and heartless killers will assault and mutilate any unfortunate soul who enters the keep.

Dungeon Keepers is a black and green deck that features these mechanics: Respawn & manifest, Traps & Detonate, Prize, and Lag. As well as these subthemes: tokens, face-down creatures, necromancy, wild animals, undead.

Mythic cards:

Each deck contains a mythic legend.

In Dungeon Keepers deck:

Diablo, Hell's Keeper 
Prize Legendary Creature - Demon
(Prize permanents can be attacked.)
Whenever a creature attacks you or a permanent you control, it gets -2/-2 until end of turn.
Whenever Diablo, Hell's Keeper attacks, defending player sacrifices a permanent, discards a card, and loses 1 life.

In Dungeon Crawlers deck:

Atroex, Temporal Watcher 
Legendary Creature - Elemental Warrior Wizard
At the beginning of your end step, if you cast a noncreature spell this turn, you may exile the top card of your library. If it's a land card, take an extra turn after this one.

Decklists and descriptions:

Dungeon Crawlers deck

Dungeon Keepers deck

Opera Link and Sync for 11.x and 12.x (including Mobile Classic) no longer in service. This hugely affects these browsers performance due to inablity to find missing servers. Should backup bookmarks and other configuration.

  • Backup entire profile folder to somewhere else.
  • Open opera:config.
  • Disable browser.js updates. Disable all sync settings related to Opera Link and Opera servers.
  • Globally disable javascript, but may enable for each site.
  • Bookmarks might be broken. May have to start new blank bookmarks. Import from old bookmarks file is buggy.

Use this command to launch AC2 shortcut:

Code: [Select]
"<path to ac2>\ac2launcher.exe" -Username <username> -Password <password> -DataCenter 0 -FauxDataCenter 0 -w Dawnsong -3 -SkipLogin

Publishing, Distributing & Selling Custom Cards & Sets

Premise: Discuss the legality and ramifications of publishing, distributing, and selling third-party designed cards and sets which are compatible with Magic: the Gathering rules.

You may be enticed to design and sell your own cards and sets if you are not happy with Wizards direction or if you prefer themes and genres that Wizards would never foray in the Magic universe (e.g. sci-fi theme).

The major hurdles are probably the fear of infringing on laws regarding copyright, trademarks, and patents. Copyright and trademarks infringements can be easily avoided, as detailed below. However, many people may be cautious of infringing on the patents owned by Wizards pertaining to Magic and CCGs (collectible card games) in general. Fortunately, all of these patents have expired on or before 2015. Regardless, creating similar games with similar rules are legal, as long as you don't reuse someone else's art and trademarks. Read more about these issues at .

Avoiding Copyright and Trademarks

There are simple guidelines to avoid infringing on copyrights and trademarks.
1. Don't copy the look of the cards, including the frames and border styles.
2. Don't reuse any illustrations and symbols, including mana symbols and tap symbol.
3. Avoid reusing the same card names and keywords for abilities. (e.g. Haste can be renamed as Celerity.)
4. Avoid remaking existing cards with exactly the same names, cost, abilities, and P/T.
5. Preferably consider different themes and genres (e.g. sci-fi, modern earth, cyberpunk). This is very much recommended and favorable to your product.
6. You may not market the game saying it is "like" or "similar" to another. You may not put Magic and other Wizards' brands and trademarks anywhere on your products and packaging.
7. You may not copy Magic comprehensive rules verbatim. You must rewrite the rules in your own words.

Distribution Models

The most common distribution models for card games are CCG and LCG. CCG (collectible card game) or TCG (trading card game) is what Magic uses. Packs are inserted with cards randomly, and cards of various rarities are inserted at different rates. LCG (Living Card Game) is a newer model by Fantasy Flight Games (FFG). (They also trademarked this term.) New sets and expansions are sold in boxed sets such that cards are packaged in known, nonrandom quantities. Whereas in a CCG you never know what cards you'll get in a random pack, LCG packs from the same expansion have identical cards and amounts. In addition, FFG also sells random packs for the purpose of drafting.

Also consider print-on-demand or selling singles directly to the player.


By incentivizing third-party cards and sets compatible with Magic's rules, we'll see more interesting cards and mechanics not limited by Wizards' schedule and direction. We'll see more complete sets and worlds by custom card creators that will be played openly in stores and casually. Also when Wizards no longer has a monopoly, we may see improvements on official Magic sets.

Please debate whether you like the idea of buying and playing with third-party sets (custom cards). What additional legal hurdles to avoid. What the landscape of Magic would be with compatible sets featuring different genres and mechanics.

Tech Support / Win98 Utilities Download
« on: 2015-Dec-17 23:38 »
Download links to best Win98 utilities and programs.

Opera 10.63
7-Zip 4.65
Total Commander 32-bit

Tech Support / [HOWTO] RDP on any Windows version
« on: 2015-Aug-02 00:58 »
Windows Home Premium and below do not allow RDP. Fortunately there is a very easy and unintrusive program to emulate RDP, called AMMYY.

Download from here:

The file doesn't install anything. Just run the program on both computers and allow each other to RDP.

Instructions for first run:

You can also set it as a service so it runs in the background at all times without needing to manually start the program. In AMMYY, go to menu > Ammyy > Service > Install. This only sets it as Automatic and will start upon computer reboot. It doesn't start the service immediately. To start it right away, go to menu > Ammyy > Service > Start.

Magic: the Gathering / New Basic Lands
« on: 2015-Jul-02 01:46 »
Basic lands beyond the original 5.

Programming / MTG Utilities: Wordpress plugin
« on: 2015-May-20 16:29 »
MTG Utilities is a Wordpress Plugin that enables tags to add mana symbols, card links, and deck lists in your blog posts.

Official page

  • Card image embed

Magic: the Gathering / Ravnica in Chaos
« on: 2015-Apr-30 13:31 »
Ravnica in Chaos experiments with the crust of the color pie (ala Planar Chaos). Furthermore, it pits each allied pair with its rival enemy pair.

Alternate color pie like Planar Chaos

Guild rivalry

Maro mentioned each color pair has an opposing color pair. Coincidentally that means each allied pair opposes a specific enemy pair. ie Azorius/Golgari, Dimir/Boros, Rakdos/Simic, Gruul/Orzhov, Selesnya/Izzet. You can then plan around these subtle rivalries. Like what would a Simic v. Rakdos duel deck look like and how differently would they play? How do their mechanics play into this rivalry? How are the guilds distributed across the block based on this?

ex. Simic vs Rakdos rivalry could go like this. Simic mechanic is Land Creatures. Rakdos mechanic is steal lands, creatures, and artifacts for a turn. Simic has ways to protect their land and creatures, and Rakdos has ways to sacrifice lands and creatures.

Simic vs Rakdos: generation vs desecration
Orzhov vs Gruul: accumulate vs disintegrate
Izzet vs Selesnya: ingenuity vs tradition
Golgari vs Azorius: corrosion vs protection
Boros vs Dimir: direct vs devious

Guild Ideas / Mechanics:

Simic: Simic is about preserving lands and creatures, so let's combine them. Land Creatures (ala Dryad Arbor)
Shell-Crust Turtle
Land Creature - Island Turtle
(~ isn't a spell, it's affected by summoning sickness, and it has ": Add to your mana pool.")
~ can't attack or block unless you control five Islands.

Rakdos: domineer* and sacrifice (*action keyword--domineer a permanent = gain control of target permanent until end of turn. Untap it and it gains haste until end of turn.) (domineer seems more )
Rakdos Defiler
Creature - Demon
: Domineer target land. (Gain control of target land until end of turn. Untap it and it gains haste until end of turn.)

Boros: Boros are aggressive and direct. Being the colors least about card drawing, they willingly sacrifice logic for their cause.

Zeal N (When ~ enters the battlefield, you may discard a card to put N +1/+1 counters on a creature you control. That creature gains haste until end of turn.)
Boros Spearmaster
Creature - Human Soldier
First strike
Zeal 1 (When ~ enters the battlefield, you may discard a card to put a +1/+1 counter on a creature you control. That creature gains haste until end of turn.)

Flame-Kin Flamethrower
Creature - Elemental Wizard
Zeal 2 (When ~ enters the battlefield, you may discard a card to put two +1/+1 counters on a creature you control. That creature gains haste until end of turn.)
When ~ enters the battlefield, it deals damage equal to its power to target creature or player.

District Captain
Creature - Angel
Zeal 2 (When ~ enters the battlefield, you may discard a card to put two +1/+1 counters on a creature you control. That creature gains haste until end of turn.)
When ~ enters the battlefield, creatures you control gain indestructible until end of turn.

Dimir: I was disappointed with Cipher and Encode. Doesn't quite match what those words mean. A more fitting ability is to change the text on a card. So introducing Cryptic, which is an ability word so it can go on different types of cards. On permanents, they're activated or triggered abilities. On instant and sorcery spells, they're additional costs.

Cryptic--Change the text of this card by replacing all instances of something with another (in the same class).
Fishy Tourist Guide
Creature - Merfolk Rogue
Cryptic--: Change the text of this card by replacing all instances of one basic land type with another. (For instance, change Island to Swamp. This effect lasts indefinitely.)

Dinrova Specter
Creature - Specter
When ~ deals combat damage to a player, look at that player's hand and choose a red card from it. The player discards that card.
Cryptic--At the beginning of combat, you may pay . If you do, change the text of this card by replacing all instances of one color word with another. (For instance, change red to white. This effect lasts indefinitely.)

Return target creature card from your graveyard to your hand.
Cryptic--As you cast this spell, you may change the text of this card by replacing all instances of one card type with another. If you do, pay an additional . (For instance, change creature to artifact.)

Hacks / Youtube Loop (search page)
« on: 2015-Apr-18 21:03 »
Use the following page to loop a Youtube video or playlist. You can also save the search in Opera and Firefox and use the shortcut for that search.

Game Design and Theory / Random Game Ideas
« on: 2015-Apr-06 13:49 »
Any game ideas (awake or dream).

Arts, Literature, and Crafts / Minimal Alphabet
« on: 2015-Mar-25 19:51 »
Minimal Alphabet

Create an alphabet with no more than 16 letters (two rows on the keyboard).

h k l t f p s n
aspirated (-h), voiced (doubling), nasal (n-)
ng = nk
ny = nl
m = np
th = nf
z = ss
v = ff
ch = tsh
sh = sh
zh = ts
r = lw
r tap = ll
r roll = ln

a e i o u . w y
round - flat (u - i) (w - y)
closed - mid - open (i - e - a)
front - center - back (a - . - o)
semivowel (w - y)

--keyboard layout
ye.w fktp
aoui hsnl

Han Seung Yeon
han siunk yaun

Selina Ren
selina lnen

Tse On Kei
tsea own khei

Lee Hyori
yi hyolli

Dennis Voong
ttenies ffownk

Magic: the Gathering / Skill and Traits
« on: 2015-Mar-04 03:18 »
(original creation at MagicMultiverse on 29 Apr 2014)

Traits are characteristics of a card that include power, toughness, and skill. Templating will have to be modified to include the new traits. Ideally each trait is represented by a symbol on the card and in rules texts. For instance, an ability that says "Target creature gets +1 [Power symbol]" instead of "gets +1/+0". Then +1/+1 and -1/-1 counters would be replaced by +1 and -1 trait counters, respectively, and they affect all traits. It can be simplified to something like "Put a +1 trait counter on target creature", and all traits will be raised respectively.

Skill is a variable for abilities. For instance, absorb can be assigned as Absorb [Skill symbol]. That means the absorb ability is always updated when skill is increased or decreased.

A Set in Four Cards

This Miniset is about 150-160 cards. Like Coldsnap and Dark Ascension.

While thinking about making a miniset for experimental ideas, I vaguely remember from way back that people complained that drafting Coldsnap alone was repetitive, not enough variation. Hence to combat that, I want to use a special sheet to add replayability in drafts. Which then reminded me of an older idea I had that had both a special DFC (double faced card) sheet and a very daring concept.

This set is mainly about the colors blue and green against the colors white, black, and red . Whereas will have the majority of double-faced cards, will bear the new experimental Honor system.

Below is the general flavor and differences for each faction:

counters - tokens
big monsters - big armies
passive aggressive - confrontation
intuition - sensation
metaphysical - reality
words - swords
potential - actual
opening phase - combat phase
temporary, ephemeral - permanent, persistent
future - present
transformation & reproduction - creation & destruction
classless - hierarchical
leviathans & shapeshifters & hydras - angels & demons & dragons

tentative ideas
: flash, Kiora, merfolk, elf, gnome, snake, mutant, illusion, shapeshifter, hydra, wurm, leviathan, druid, wizard, dryad, monk
: human, soldier, cat, cleric, angel, knight, elephant
: rogue, mercenary, zombie, necromancer, demon, shaman, knight, rat
: dwarf, goblin, warrior, berserker, dragon, shaman, hound
Planeswalkers:  Kiora,  Barag (Dwarf, artifice and warfare),  Tibalt,  Gideon,  Susyon (Faerie, storm and harvest),  Gorkhhesh (Dragon, wrath and devastation)
: walls, fortifications, land destruction
: alternate dimension, transformation, copy, clone

Major Mechanics (4-5):
  • Double face cards - majority (2 abilities)
  • Honor system - majority ( get some Fame cards) (4 abilities)
  • Learning - (draw cards and +1/+1 counter to counteract loss of honor)
  • Summon - majority (keyword action = put some token into play) ( summon warrior token tapped and attacking; summon various creature types)
  • Lore - majority (instants, sorceries copy for each same name in grave)

Other themes

  • Lands matter (DFC triggers, Fortifications (3), temp land stealers (3), land destruction (1-3) and search (1-3))
  • Walls (6-10 cards)
  • Vertical cycles: land denial, knights, artifice, summons, mimcry, split creatures

Games General / [GW2] Character Screenshots
« on: 2015-Jan-31 13:10 »
Post images of your Guild Wars 2 character.

New Creature Type Classification: Status

Normally a creature's types can be classified as race and class. I propose a third classification: status. Status is appended after race and class on the type line.

List of Statuses
Here are some statuses for this proposal:

  • Leader -- leads or governs a group of beings, usually grants bonuses to the people they lead
  • Noble -- elite with high social, political, or economic standing
  • Master -- expert with extraordinary skill, knowledge, or wisdom
  • Rebel -- member of faction opposed to the current government or leadership
  • Ally -- member of a band of adventurers
  • Zombie -- a condition granted to beings returned from the graveyard
  • Survivor -- survives a catastrophe. possibly recurring ability


Goblin Warchief becomes Goblin Warrior Leader
Leaping Master becomes Human Monk Master

Sample card based on Figure of Destiny:

Figure of Mastery

Creature - Merfolk
: ~ becomes a 2/2 Merfolk Wizard.
: If ~ is a Wizard, it becomes a 4/4 Merfolk Wizard Master with hexproof.
: If ~ is a Master, it becomes an 8/8 Merfolk Wizard Master Avatar with hexproof and trample.

Magic: the Gathering / [SOL] So Ling Storyline
« on: 2015-Jan-15 13:25 »
So Ling main plot goes in this thread.

Magic: the Gathering / [block] Tribal Block Designs
« on: 2015-Jan-13 03:09 »
Refer to Multiverse Designs Magic by democracy for much of my ideas, which I repost in this thread. That democratic set cared about several themes, including quests and control, in addition to tribes. However, this thread for the most part focuses on the tribes, which has more impactful and practical design space.

Magic: the Gathering / Spells on the battlefield.
« on: 2014-Sep-23 23:22 »
Spells (i.e. instants and sorceries) that somehow make it to the battlefield.

What happens if the permanent side is in the battlefield and it gets transformed or turned face up into a nonpermanent? More reason for the rules to explicitly state what happens to instants and sorceries that somehow make it to the battlefield through whatever means, such as transform or morph. Besides these two popular methods, it can open lots of design space which has been flagrantly avoided.

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