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2018-Oct-14 05:03
finally leveler cards is possible on card creator

2018-Oct-11 00:43
Vogon Full Art are so awesome
oohrah ;D

2018-Oct-09 02:15
KARA are Pretty Girls ... yeah yeah

2018-Oct-05 14:02
Friday. get ready for more Last Man Standing  ;D

2018-Oct-03 21:28
new card frames: Vogon HD, allows much more room for texts, incl. name, type, and esp. rules

2018-Oct-02 07:48
more card creator changes

2018-Sep-28 17:08
Jim Morrison = Mr. Mojo Risin'

2018-Sep-19 16:15
twit to image works again

2018-Sep-18 04:06
riders on the storm

2018-Sep-16 01:07
Gnomish uprising

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