Author Topic: [ARPG] Action RPG ideas  (Read 2264 times)


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[ARPG] Action RPG ideas
« on: February 17, 2012, 07:24:45 PM »
Ideas for action RPG:

Zelda meets Diablo.
Zelda's dungeons with puzzles.
Diablo's character development, such as stats, HP, mana, class, inventory, etc.
Groups of 3s:
3 primary stats (strength, speed, agility)
3 main classes (fighter, ranger, engineer)
3 efficiencies (damage, attack speed, movement speed)
3 races (robots, humans, beasts) [optional]
3 attack methods: hand to hand, ranged weapons, and engineering
Hand to hand: sword, spear, axe, fist, etc.
Ranged weapons: thrown knives, bows, guns, etc.
Engineering: bombs, turrets, walls, etc.
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