Author Topic: [AC2] Asheron's Call 2: Crafting Practice Recipe XP Chart  (Read 2460 times)


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[AC2] Asheron's Call 2: Crafting Practice Recipe XP Chart
« on: September 29, 2013, 10:48:45 AM »
The following chart shows the most efficient item levels to practice crafting. The red levels are recommended because they use fewer resources per XP given than the previous 5 or so levels. However, also consider the success rate of your current craft level. Since you don't get any XP if item level is too low, and you may fail too often if item level is too high.

This chart is based on Armor: Human. Other crafts may vary. It should go all the way to item level 150, but it's incomplete since I'm not that advanced yet.

Item LevelTraits UsedXP (Extra XP)Traits/XP (lower is better)
1133 (+1)3.25
2174 (+1)3.4
3217 (+1)2.625
4258 (+1)2.75
5299 (+2)2.6363

When to spend available XP?

Whenever you craft, you get a small fraction of extra XP which can be used to raise any skill. Since the amount is small, it should be spent wisely. This section analyzes which method would be the most efficient way to spend the extra XP, especially during practice.

Method 1
Should you spend it all as soon as you have enough to raise a skill? For example, if you need 50 to raise a skill to the next level and you have 50 available XP, should you spend it all right away? With this method, you raise the skill much earlier than normal.

Method 2
An alternative method is to spend as little available XP as possible to raise a skill. That is, when you need to craft one more time to raise a skill for any given level, the cost to raise that skill is very low. This leaves most of the available XP to be spent again. However, you don't speed up leveling up. But you do catch up when you can raise 2 levels by buying them one after another.

Method 3
Another consideration may be to raise only if available XP is more than the cost to raise, not equal or less. So if the available XP to cost to raise is 10 : 10, don't raise. But wait one more try and raise when it becomes 11 : 7. Depending on the current level and XP granted, it may be slightly faster or slightly slower than method 1.


After running a few numbers through a spreadsheet, it seems the most efficient and simplest method to spend XP is just to raise the skill as soon as the available XP matches or exceeds the cost to raise, so method 1. In general, by buying as soon as possible, you get the levels sooner than waiting to level up naturally or to buy at the cheapest cost. It's simple because you don't have to use a spreadsheet or think about what level you are. The rate of leveling may fluctuate depending on how much XP is needed per level and how much XP is gained for that level from practice. For this method, all you have to do is compare the numbers already given to you in the game.
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