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Author Topic: Skill and Traits  (Read 930 times)


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Skill and Traits
« on: 2015-Mar-04 03:18 »
(original creation at MagicMultiverse on 29 Apr 2014)

Traits are characteristics of a card that include power, toughness, and skill. Templating will have to be modified to include the new traits. Ideally each trait is represented by a symbol on the card and in rules texts. For instance, an ability that says "Target creature gets +1 [Power symbol]" instead of "gets +1/+0". Then +1/+1 and -1/-1 counters would be replaced by +1 and -1 trait counters, respectively, and they affect all traits. It can be simplified to something like "Put a +1 trait counter on target creature", and all traits will be raised respectively.

Skill is a variable for abilities. For instance, absorb can be assigned as Absorb [Skill symbol]. That means the absorb ability is always updated when skill is increased or decreased.
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