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Feb. 05 2020 - 11:40pm
Almost got the Meat/Item drop figured out. Feel close, but I need a bit more clarity on a few things.
Jan. 31 2020 - 8:37pm
Congrats on the update my friend !! Will check it out this weekend
Jan. 24 2020 - 5:15am
Nov. 20 2019 - 1:23am
adding drop shadow to rules box makes art pop out toward viewer and rules box much interesting. overall the entire card looks much cooler
Nov. 16 2019 - 12:20am
check out the new card frames - Vogon GC - like greeting cards - just in time for the holiday season @
Nov. 15 2019 - 4:15am
check out the new card frames - Vogon LS - for landscape (letterbox) format @
Sep. 01 2019 - 2:22am
@Den  Thanks, I have not submitted it and it should be available in about 24~48 hours !!
Aug. 31 2019 - 11:48pm
the same field for robot stat boost

Author Topic: [YMTC] Triple Splits  (Read 2081 times)


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[YMTC] Triple Splits
« on: 2009-Feb-19 02:11 »
Had a strong urge to make some triple split cards (cards split into three spells). Each card should have 3 arts and 3 textboxes. The last spell takes up half the card, so the third ability may have a longer rules text. So here's a cycle.

Lock // Stock // Barrel
XWW // XUU // XB
Sorcery // Sorcery // Sorcery
Remove up to X target tapped creatures from the game.
Remove the top X cards of your library from the game face down. You may look at and play them at any time.
Remove up to X target creature cards in all graveyards from the game. ~ deals 1 damage to target player for each card removed this way.

Stop // Drop // Roll
2U // 4B // 3R
Sorcery // Sorcery // Sorcery
Fateseal 1, then fateseal 2, then fateseal 3.
Distribute three -1/-1 counters among one, two, or three target creatures.
Roll a six-sided die. On a 1, 2, or 3, each player sacrifices that many lands.

Cut // Copy // Paste
B // 2R // 4G
Sorcery // Sorcery // Sorcery
Target player discards a card. You may remove a card in any graveyard from the game.
Put a token into play as a copy of target artifact card in any graveyard.
Attach all Auras and Equipments onto target permanent. You may put any Aura and Equipment cards in your hand and your graveyard into play attached to that permanent.

Blood // Sweat // Tears
2R // 2G // 2W
Instant // Instant // Instant
Target creature gains haste and double strike until end of turn.
Search your library for a land or creature card and put into your hand. Then shuffle your library.
Until end of turn, whenever a nontoken creature leaves play, you may put a 1/1 white Spirit creature token with flying into play.

Hook //  Line // Sinker
3G // 2W // 3UU
Instant // Instant // Instant
Domain - For each basic land type among lands you control, creatures you control have landwalk of that type.
Radiance - Target creature and each other creature that shares a color with it get +1/+2 until end of turn.
Counter target spell. Threshold - If you have seven or more cards in your graveyard, you may choose to gain control of that spell instead of countering it. You may choose new targets for it.
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