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Mar. 24 2019 - 7:46pm
@Den Just finished 2nd playthrough and testing session. I really like the edits I have made. Going to take another week to look over things !!
Mar. 11 2019 - 7:04pm
@Den Hey, thanks for all of the support. Finished with the changes and currently playing through the game !!
Feb. 25 2019 - 7:31pm
@Den Yo, finishing up the bosses and will do some more testing before the big release !!
Feb. 18 2019 - 10:42pm
@Den Hey, got the main bosses edited and working on the treasure chests. Getting close to finished my edits !!
Feb. 10 2019 - 9:11pm
@Den Yo, got the shops edited now and will start work on the treasure edits. I bit confused on monster chests ATM...
Jan. 29 2019 - 6:56pm
@Den Hey, really making progress with my Hex-Editing. Replied to my topic...a bit stuck again
Jan. 23 2019 - 11:42pm
@Den  Yo, I am really getting the hang of this HEX editing stuff !! Working on figuring out the growth rate formula !!
Jan. 17 2019 - 8:31pm
@Den I am starting get more understanding about Hex editing.  Thanks for taking time out for me !

Author Topic: ZOYT  (Read 2925 times)


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« on: 2009-Nov-25 16:48 »
ZOYT is a vertical scrolling shooter for Nintendo DS. (A cross between 1945, Geometry Wars, and Little Red Riding Hood's Zombies BBQ)

Download the prototype:


You can play ZOYT if you have an NDS emulator like ideas or no$gba, or homebrew cart e.g. I have Cyclo DS Evolution.

Move the ship with directional buttons or ABXY for left handed. Touching the screen with the stylus will fire at that direction. Hold down L or R button to start graffiti mode. In graffiti mode, draw graphs with the stylus. For instance, LRL or RLR and you will heal. You need at least 25 energy, but will take away 50 energy, which restores slowly over time or when you kill an enemy.

Concept and Ideas:

action on both screens; ship on bottom
life bar: enemy attacks do different amounts of damage
items: powerup, health restore, shield, bomb
ships: speed, weapon, missile, bomb
flavor: background, plot, enemies
enemies: size, speed, boss, weapons, entry, AI, life
control: direction, touchpad, attack, right/left hand
effects: fog, cloud, cloak, cover,

Like Geometry Wars, use direction buttons or ABXY to move the ship and touchpad to aim and shoot. Use L or R to use bomb.

Ship always moves forward or up. However, can face and shoot an arc of -45% to 45%. Bullets and straight missiles should follow the direction the ship faces.

Types of weapons:
missile: straight, homing, directed, arc, leech
bullet: medium damage and speed
laser: weak damage, fast, doesn't stop
sonic: weak damage, fast, wide arc, limited distance
slime: weak damage, slow, slows enemy ship

Types of ships:
player: disc, fighter, biplane, one-wing (B2)

ZOYT = 2047

After the Roswell incident, aliens took 100 years to get here, but in full force to invade the Earth. (or something like that)

Background map should show various places around the planet, like Great Wall, Pyramids, North Pole, etc. Background may rotate and zoom on its own.

Choose nationality, gender, plane, difficulty, stats,

Possibilities: 2 player mode, unlockables, cheat codes, credits.

healthbar: position, horizontal or vertical, color, frame design,
sound: volume, test

use stylus to draw codes that perform special actions, such as power up, bomb, change weapons and missiles, shields, etc. you have a supply of energy. each special action uses up energy. each enemy you kill refills your energy bar. thus, the potential amount of possible special actions are infinite.

suppose max energy is 100. each special action requires your energy to be at minimum level before it can be used. and that action will cost an amount of energy. ie the two values can be different. general rule is that the bigger the effect, the more it costs and more difficult to draw.

Action : Minimum Energy : Cost : Pattern
Weapon Power up : 50 : 50 : URD
Missile Power up : 50 : 50 : ULD
Change weapon 1 : 40 : 40 : LDR
Change missile 1 : 40 : 40 : RDL
Bomb 1 : 20 : 50 : UD
Bomb 2 : 30 : 60 : UDUD
Bomb 3 : 40 : 80 : UDUDLRLR
Shield 30s : 30 : 40 : RDLU
Shield 50s : 50 : 70 : RDLURD
Heal 1 : 25 : 50 : LRL or RLR
Heal 2 : 40 : 80 : LRLR or RLRL
Speed up 10s : 30 : 40 : URU
Speed up 20s : 50 : 70 : URUL
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