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Oct. 14 2018 - 5:03am
finally leveler cards is possible on card creator
Oct. 11 2018 - 12:43am
Vogon Full Art are so awesome
oohrah ;D
Oct. 09 2018 - 2:15am
KARA are Pretty Girls ... yeah yeah
Oct. 05 2018 - 2:02pm
Friday. get ready for more Last Man Standing  ;D
Oct. 03 2018 - 9:28pm
new card frames: Vogon HD, allows much more room for texts, incl. name, type, and esp. rules
Oct. 02 2018 - 7:48am
more card creator changes
Sep. 28 2018 - 5:08pm
Jim Morrison = Mr. Mojo Risin'
Sep. 19 2018 - 4:15pm
twit to image works again

Author Topic: [CCG] Building a Civilization  (Read 2370 times)


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[CCG] Building a Civilization
« on: 2009-Dec-14 03:03 »
Brainstorm ideas for a CCG wherein the players build up a civilization (or perhaps a city or building).

Initial ideas tended to remind of Shadowfist and Guardians since empire building has a similar goal. In Shadowfist, a players wins when he control five sites by playing them or taking over an opponent's. In Guardians, the battlefield is defined as the area between the players and you must conquer six to win.

I like Shadowfist in that the board starts out empty, thus less set-up time. Guardians has a strong concept of armies and multiple win conditions. Like the Civilization computer game series, I envision multiple victory paths, such as technology, domination, culture, and gold. This also guides us to what card types and factions we want.

Ideas for card types:
Plot / Terrain
Upgrade, Improvement, Skill
Building / Structure

Most CCGs usually need a good system of costs and resources. e.g. Magic has five colors. Shadowfist is divided by factions and talents. The key to winning Civ relies on managing food, production, and trade.

Main questions are:
How does one put the cards into play?
How do they interact?
How does one achieve victory? by points? by cities, techs, building, wonders, culture or gold accumulated?
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Re: [CCG] Building a Civilization
« Reply #1 on: 2016-Jan-03 15:57 »
Work in Progress:
History CCG

Blog entries for "History" tag:

Rules book for History CCG:


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