Dozenal Clock using Flownetic Digits.

The day is divided into units of powers of twelve, or dozenal parts :

  • 1st place is equivalent to two hours. (called “sheek“)
  • 2nd place is equivalent to ten minutes. (called “karaf“)
  • 3rd place is equivalent to fifty seconds. (called “fenet“)
  • 4th place is equivalent to 4 and 1/6 seconds. (called “tick“)
  • 5th place (not shown) is equivalent to 0.3472~ seconds. (called “count“)

New terms inspired by Chinese names of similar time lengths. “Count” based on the fact that briskly counting numbers one through twelve makes up one tick. Thus satisfies the condition of power of twelve.

Flownetic Script

Learn about Flownetic numbers.

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