Duel Deck: Dungeon Crawlers vs. Dungeon Keepers

Duel Deck: Dungeon Crawlers vs. Dungeon Keepers

Duel Decks: Dungeon Crawlers vs. Dungeon Keepers is the 32nd set in the Duel Deck series. It was released August 25, 2023.

The two decks are inspired by the popular genres of video games, particularly dungeon crawler and MMO RPGs. They contain several preview cards for Dangers of Cinbork.

The band of adventurers have driven back the forces of evil. Now they must penetrate the final fortress where the demon lord resides. Unfortunately, the ultimate dungeon is polluted with deadly traps and hordes of beasts and undead at every corner. Can the party survive the gauntlet and slay the demon lord to restore peace to the land?

Deck mechanics and themes:

Dungeon Crawlers represent the heroic party infiltrating into the colons of evil’s residence. A combination of experienced wizards and warriors who have made it thus far through dedication, teamwork and skill.

Dungeon Crawlers is a blue and red deck that features these mechanics: Overload, Prowess, Experience, and Taunt. As well as these subthemes: spell matters, attachments, skill, interclass combos, warriors and wizards.

Dungeon Keepers represent the minion horde who serves the dark lord. These ruthless vermin and heartless killers will assault and mutilate any unfortunate soul who enters the keep.

Dungeon Keepers is a black and green deck that features these mechanics: Respawn & manifest, Traps & Detonate, and Prize. As well as these subthemes: tokens, face-down creatures, necromancy, wild animals, undead.


Dungeon Crawlers
Lands (24)
10 Mountain
10 Island
1 Nivix, Aerie of the Firemind
1 Submarine Canyon
2 Swiftwater Cliffs

Creatures (18)
2 Aqua-Kin Flowmage
1 Aqua-Kin Wizard
1 Atroex, Temporal Watcher
1 Elemental Watcher
2 Flame-Kin Pugilist
2 Gnome Mage
2 Gnome Pathmage
2 Human Axeman
1 Jaded Clairvoyant
2 Kwong-Fu Fighter
1 Kwong-Fu Swordsmaster
1 Skilled Spellsword
Spells (10)
2 Double Dealing
1 Double Striking
2 Downsize
1 Frozen Over
1 Molten Birth
2 Seek Knowledge
1 Water Whirled

Permanents (8)
1 Diviner's Wand
2 Izzet Signet
1 Obsidian Battle-Axe
1 Specialization: Warrior
1 Specialization: Wizard
1 Warrior's Nobility
1 Wizard's Slide Rule
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