MTG Utilities: Mana

The code for inserting mana symbols is [ mana]cost[/mana]. Put the entire cost inside. Hybrid halves and Phyrexian mana should be separated by a slash ‘/’, in any order. Use 2 for monocolor hybrid and P for Phyrexian. Put a semicolon between the numbers if there are two consecutively, but want them to show up separately.

These are the valid letters, numbers, and hybrids that can be used within the mana tags:
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
b c e g h i p q r s t u w x y z
w/u u/w u/b b/u b/r r/b r/g g/r w/b b/w u/r r/u b/g g/b r/w w/r g/u u/g
2/w w/2 2/u u/2 2/b b/2 2/r r/2 2/g g/2
p/w w/p p/u u/p p/b b/p p/r r/p p/g g/p

and their corresponding symbols:

[ mana]wurbg[/mana] =>
[ mana]2/bb/2u/b[/mana] =>
[ mana]xb/pu/pp[/mana] =>
[ mana]2;4[/mana] =>
[ mana]2r, t[/mana] => ,
[ mana]sc, q[/mana] => ,
Pay [ mana]eeeee[/mana] => Pay

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