Planeswalker’s Guide to So Ling 素靈 — 素洲 So Zau

素洲 So Zau

So Zau Manifested

素洲 So Zau is the other supercontinent in So Ling. It is a land dominated by the Elementals of the red, green, and blue types. It has an extremely high concentration of natural mana, and even more mana may be produced from conjured mana Elementals. Even a simple sneeze can cause a flurry of mana Elementals to be manifested. The major themes in So Zau are Elementals, mana production, theories & experimentation, and synergies.

Elemental Fundamentals

We can’t neglect the basic Elementals that make up the universe. Elementalist mages have discovered and classified the basic Elementals by their nature, shape, function, and rarity. Blue Elementals tend to be fluids like water and air, and many are transparent and hard to detect. Red Elementals are usually found in the earth and include metals and minerals. Many of them can endure high heat, and others have great explosive potential. Green Elementals form the building blocks of biological life. Most are found in the solid state, but can also be dissolved in water.


Non-elemental Inhabitants of So Zau
Besides Elementals, So Zau supports a vibrant ecosystem of fauna and flora. The sentient races are primarily Merfolk, Dwarves and Treefolk. Several non-sentient animals like Lizards, Birds, and Beasts are also quite prolific on So Zau. One may also find rarer creatures, like Dragons, Orggs, Elves and Sphinxes.

Stratus ElementalPath of ManyDie CutterKamwong AceHung-Tou Jimsam PrinceKwanlung VigilanteLeadwood EmissaryPaaulong Charger

Experimental Combination

As abundant as mana elementals are on So Zau, there as many ways that So Zau mages recombine them to create wildly varied effects. Spellshapers discard undesired scraps for desired effects; sometimes mana Elementals can be manifested as a side effect. For the perfectionist experimentalist who as always looking for the next best thing, they cycle away the scrap in search of something better. By mixing differently colored mana—even hybridized mana—the whole effect can be greater than what the individual colors could produce. Some optimistic, daring mages have big ideas lest all that unused mana go to waste.

Body BuilderHeart BurnLeadwood CharmTruncate EssenceEvolutionary TheoryPentacast Orgg

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