Planeswalker’s Guide to So Ling 素靈 — 靈洲 Ling Zau

靈洲 Ling Zau

Living on Ling Zau

靈洲 Ling Zau is one of the supercontinents of So Ling. Its name comes from the fact that its major inhabitants are spirits. Due to their natures, Ling Zau has an overwhelming presence of white and black mana. Colorless mana is also heavily used to create artifacts which may then be animated with white and black mana. The major themes in Ling Zau are Spirits, animation and reanimation, psychoanalysis, and dualities including day/night and law/crime.

Psychology 101

A huge field of interest on Ling Zau is investigating into people’s minds and souls in order to understand their motives. Such psychoanalysts delve inside others’ minds and expose the different types of spirits that may have possessed the body.


Non-spirit Inhabitants of Ling Zau

The lesser races on Ling Zau include humans, thrulls, cats, and rats. As well, nonliving creations—both material and magical—may be animated with the white and black mana that are bound to spirit auras that pervade the continent. Some of these animated creations become living weapons and living auras.

Shifty ExcavatorAvatar of IlluminanceCorpse CollectorPrison WardenZongfu ReverendEscaped Criminal

Yin and Yang

The spirits sees everything as the balance of dualities. Sometimes they can be two extremes of a spectrum, from brightness to darkness. Sometimes they can be two phases of a cycle that repeats perpetually. In particular, life eventually leads to death and then to rebirth of new life. People can be good or evil. Laws are created to promote good behavior. Criminals who break the law must be tried before the law in order to restore the balance.

Daywatch ThrullNightwatch ThrullCivil LawLaw of AveragesRepossessJudge__Executioner

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