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WordPress vs Blogger

One area people neglect when comparing blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger, is the design of the code, and how that affects performance and cross-platform compatibility. WordPress is the obvious winner here. It’s designed to work on both desktop and mobile devices without bloat or affecting performance. It works the same on all browsers without a hitch. Even lesser known ones Opera 11.x and Opera Mobile.

On the other hand, Blogger can be very unresponsive. It nags you when you use an unsupported browser, like Opera 11.x or 12.x or Opera Mobile. Even on supported browsers, it is very sluggish and chokes (but worse on unsupported browsers.)

The difference between the two blogs is very apparent on mobile devices due to their weaker hardware. Where WordPress still works like a charm with lower computing power and memory, but Blogger can be unbearably unresponsive.